Why Oakleaf Village?

Our calling is to help seniors prosper.

Helping people age with prosperity is one of the most rewarding ways to serve others, and at Oakleaf Village, everyone celebrates this service. It’s a place where your loved ones become family, giving up daily difficulties and living their best with a staff that’s answered a calling to care.

That’s why we’re consistently recognized by our peers and residents as one of the best communities in our area, and why we love working with our residents and their families every day.

We do it by ensuring

  • Physical well-being

  • Financial well-being

  • Emotional well-being

Physical Well-Being

Beyond the Basics

At Oakleaf Village, we take every opportunity to ensure the security and safety of our residents, but we also do so much more. To really achieve physical well-being, we know that it takes facilities that offer flexibility, so everyone can find something they enjoy. Those facilities are combined with activity schedules that offer variety and enjoyment along with the opportunity for physical engagement.

You’ll Find:

  • World-Class Ameneties

  • Care that maximizes independence

  • Attention to Details That Matter

Financial Well-Being

Real help, the way you need it

Choosing the right senior care can be stressful, and one of the biggest factors is navigating the financial landscape. Oakleaf Village is breaking the convention that unsurpassed care needs to break the bank.

That’s why we offer fair, honest prices for our world-class experience, and why we accept Medicaid Waiver from residents who have run out of financial resources.

You’ll Find:

  • A community that puts people first

  • Competitive, honest pricing

  • No sacrifice in amenities or care

Emotional Well-Being

Let’s Enjoy Our Time Together

Everyone deserves to enjoy their best years in comfort, and at Oakleaf Village, we make sure that our residents and their families don’t settle for any detail. We start by treating prospective residents and families the right way, with a radically transparent transition process that’s upfront with pricing and expectations of the unsurpassed care you’ll get.

We make sure each day offers delight by listening to our residents and making sure they’re enjoying the amenities and activities available to them.

You’ll Find:


  • A Transparent and Easy Transition

  • Real Help From Folks Who Care

See the Difference Yourself

Oakleaf Village is a warm and welcoming place where residents always feel at home.