When is it time to start looking to move?

Signs that indicate it’s time to consider moving to a senior community.

Making the decision to move into a senior community can be challenging. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of personal preference as some people want to downsize, enjoy the companionship of other seniors and have assistance available if they need it..

In other cases, it comes down to a complex number of considerations, including medical conditions, decreased mobility and safety.

At Oakleaf Village, we provide various living arrangements to give you the flexibility to choose a plan that meets your specific needs, including independent living, assisted living and memory care.

While every situation is unique, the following 8 signs can help you gain more confidence about answering the question, “When is the right time to move to a senior community?”

1. Recent accident or incident. Some seniors may decide to move into a community because of safety concerns, especially if they recently fell — the leading cause of injuries among seniors. An accident may be of particular concern if the senior lives alone.

2. Medical concerns. Ongoing chronic health conditions, such as congestive heart failure, could be an indication that a senior needs to move into a community, where they can have access to medical care if they should need assistance or medical care.

3. Physical limitations. If a senior is finding it increasingly challenging to navigate their home, get out of bed, take a shower or take on other day-to-day tasks, they may require assistance. In an assisted living community, they can maintain a level of independence without the increased risks for injury that come with decreased mobility. An assisted living environment can provide professional support for activities like dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking, cleaning and taking care of laundry.

4. Memory loss. It can be alarming to notice memory loss with a loved one. This can be a natural part of aging. However, if there seems to be a progressive pattern of memory loss or if critical tasks are being neglected, such as taking medications, it may be time to consider a move to a senior community to avert accidents or medical complications.

5. Feelings of isolation. In addition to any medical or mobility concerns, a senior may be experiencing feelings of isolation. If a person no longer is engaged with social activities, including meeting with friends or leaving the home, they could be at risk for depression and other mental illnesses. A senior facility can provide a sense of community and engagement that could significantly boost their morale.

6. Noticeable weight loss. If a senior seems to be losing a significant amount of weight, it may be an indicator that they are having difficulty cooking or even remembering to eat. It also could be a sign that they may be experiencing depression because of inactivity or isolation.

7. Inability to manage finances. Another sign that a senior may need to adopt a different lifestyle is the inability to manage their finances. Signals that things are getting out of control include piles of unopened envelopes, disconnect notices from utility companies and potential threats from scammers.

8. Disrepairs throughout the home. It’s not necessary for any home to be in perfect condition. However, if there are signs of disrepairs that could pose dangers to the occupant, such as malfunctioning appliances, tripping hazards and fire hazards, it may be time to consider an alternative living situation.

Many other concerns, including unsafe driving and reckless behavior (such as opening the door to strangers), also can factor into the decision to consider the benefits of a senior community.

If you’re not sure, contact our team at Oakleaf Village. We can help you determine if your concerns signal the need to move to an assisted living environment.

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